About us

about us

LipZinc Theatre Company was conceived through a need to make work that is truthful to the artist and vital to the audience. ‘Lip’ meaning the opening of the mouth, where words and feelings escape and let loose.  ‘Zinc’ meaning the essential element to the body that we cannot live without. It was founded in 2016 by Tzarini Meyler, MA graduate of the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, who was inspired by her study of the surrealist movement and training in the work of European theatre practitioners such as Barba and Meyerhold. The company puts the unheard characters of this world centre stage, to tell the tales untold. We work collaboratively with actors of a diverse age range and background. Whilst beginning with a script – we change and move with the flow of the performers, with physicality a major aspect of our work. Our shows are visually engaging - we juxtapose glamour with grime, rural with industrial and past with present. We firmly believe in entertaining - working with visual and sound artists, our shows are a sensory experience, yet snappy and slick.  Boredom is our worst enemy, therefore we keep the spectator engaged with moments of stillness and chaos intertwined with humour and depth. Life is never only one thing – we want our shows to find the sadness in beauty, and the joy in disorder.  LipZinc was born kicking and screaming and she’s here to stay. 

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   our team  


Artistic Director

Tzarini Meyler

Tzarini is an actress, playwright, and director. Born in South East London to Irish artist parents, she grew up around sculptures, paintings and antiques, sparking her long time love affair with history and art. Raised by her father in Skibbereen, she attended the West Cork Arts Centre, partaking in acting and performance art classes as a child. 


She moved to Dublin for her degree in English and Drama at UCD where she became an active member of Dramsoc, staging and performing in a number of productions. Here she wrote her first play, 'Bird Girl' and went on to form LipZinc in her first year. In 2018, she moved to Spain to study at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. Here, she had the privilege of working with tutors such as Kate Firth, Armando Rotondi, Drew Mulligan, Aiden Condron, Valentina Temussi and Oscar Valsecchi. This training further inspired her creative work, combining classical acting styles with European surrealist and physical theatre techniques. Upon her return to Ireland, Tzarini immediately began working on 'Hamlet', the Leaving Cert Show at UCD.


Other recent credits for LipZinc include: Talking Tarot, Talking Icons, Venus by Candlelight, Dolly, Mad Cats and Divas, Sugar Mice, The Ride, Daddy was a Boogie Man. 


Tzarini seeks to make work that is entertaining and vibrant, and socially engaging. 



Ana Canals Ni Eigeartaigh

Ana is an actor and producer from Madrid, Spain. She was raised in Madrid and in 2013 she moved to Dublin to pursue acting. Since then she has completed several part-time acting courses at the Abbey School of Drama. In the final presentations she has played several characters including Honey in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Abigail in The Crucible, and Titania in A Midsummer’s Night dream. Ana was also a member of Dublin Youth Theatre for  four years.

Ana studied Latin and Ancient Greek at University College Dublin, where she became an active member of Dramsoc, UCD’s Drama Society. It is here where Ana and Tzarini first met, when she played Jadis in The Lion, the Witch and Soho, Tzarini’s first full-length production with Dramsoc. Since then they have collaborated in many projects. Notable roles in Dramsoc include Hecate in Hamlet, and Madeleine in In the Republic of Happiness by Martin Crimp. Ana also directed a production of Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice. 

In January 2020 Ana moved to New York, but the universe had other ideas. So Ana fled back to the relative safety of Spain. She then moved to London where she currently resides. 

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Production Manager

colin doran

Colin is a Lighting Designer, Chief LX & Technician from Co. Wexford, now based in Dublin. He has worked with LipZinc Theatre on a number of productions, including Dolly, Mad Cats & Divas & Sugar Mice. He recently competed an MFA in Stage Design (Lighting & Dramaturgy) at The Lir Academy Dublin.

Colin’s recent design projects include ‘The Curious Case of Albert Cashier’ with Quintessence Theatre, ‘Hamlet’ at UCD, numerous shows in Dublin Fringe Festival & Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and ‘Skin Tight’ with Restless Ecstasy Theatre Company. 

Colin has also worked with a number of major Irish theatre companies such as Rough Magic (Chief LX - Venus in Fur, & Assistant Lighting Designer - Hecuba) and Brokentalkers (Chief LX - The Examination, ans Chief LX/Relighter - Woman Undone).

For more information, to view production images and to download his CV & Portfolio, check out colindoranlighting.com