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LipZinc Theatre hereby sets out their policy for safe rehearsals and performances during the Covid-19 pandemic.

LipZinc agrees to:

  • Contact the cast prior to each rehearsal with a Covid questionnaire, regarding their health, symptoms and contacts in the past 14 days. 

  • Provide the cast and crew with fresh disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitiser at the beginning of every rehearsal, and after breaks.

  • Take and record temperatures of cast and crew before entering the rehearsal/filming space. 

  • Provide the cast with a Covid-19 test approx 5 days before the filming date. 

  • Conduct rehearsals outside in the fresh air, where possible.

  • Conduct indoor rehearsals with windows open, and all surfaces sanitised before and during rehearsals. 

  • Provide cast and crew with beverages/refreshments  in/on new disposable cups/plates. 

  • Dispose of all PPE and cups at the end of every rehearsal. 

  • Disinfect and sanitise all surfaces at the end of every rehearsal. 

  • Engage in Zoom rehearsals instead of in-person, wherever possible, such as line-runs or scene study. 

  • Document all rehearsal dates and times, in writing and with photographs. 


During rehearsals cast and crew must agree to adhere to the following:

  • Have temperature taken and recorded upon entering the rehearsal space. 

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided.

  • Wear the masks provided.

  • Wear the disposable gloves provided.

  • Repeat the above steps after every break time. 

  • Maintain a physical distance of 2 metres during warm-up and breaks.

  • Have a Covid 19 test, organised and paid for by LipZinc, approx 5 days before filming is due to commence. 

  • Upon receiving a negative result, the actors will form a bubble and rehearse without masks.

  • The cast agrees to not mix with anyone from outside their own household, until after the filming date. 


During filming cast and crew must adhere to the following: 

  • Everyone must wear masks inside the theatre, except whilst being filmed. 

  • When an actor’s scene has finished, they must put their mask back on and wait in the dressing room.

  • All food and drink consumption is only permitted in the smoking area or outside the theatre.

  • The cast must keep at least 2 metres away from the technician and film crew at all times.

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided regularly.

  • Listen to the rules laid out by the manager of the theatre, and adhere to their Covid policy also. 

  • No sharing of makeup products.

  • No engaging with the public during breaks, or before entering the theatre.

  • Clean up after themselves, remove all personal property and sanitise their area of the dressing room with spray provided, upon completion of the filming. 

  • Exit the theatre in a timely manner, wearing masks and sanitising their hands. 

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