Daddy was a Boogie Man

Nun’s Island Theatre at the Galway Fringe Festival, July 2016


Dublin, 1978. Eadaoin. Seventeen years old. She's never been outside. Her innocence is trapped in a bell jar of mental contamination. Her mother is affectionately known as Mammy, a woman suffering from delusions. She is her jailer, feeder and paradoxically, her only confidante. But she has a hornet's sting in her tongue. A run down room in a tenement building is the eerie backdrop for this mother on a mission. 

A play that deals with a topic not often discussed: domestic violence between mother and child. 

Written by Tzarini Meyler

Directed by Joanna Kelly

Lighting by Ciaran Gallagher

Costumes by Rory Meyler

Production Shots by Fiadh Melina