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Finding Joseph poster new.jpeg
  • Written and directed by Tzarini Meyler 

  • Assistant director: Phoebe Moore

  • Producer: Ana Canals

  • Lighting Designer: Colin Doran

  • Costume Designer: Rory Meyler

finding joseph

11 September 2021 - Dean Crowe Theatre, Athlone

'I believed I could enter some place only Superman could go'


It was 1969 and the world was alight with flower power, space travel and rock n roll stars. But deep in the heart of the Irish midlands, one little boy was busy creating a daydream of his own. Meet Joseph, one of Ireland's many forgotten babies with no Mammy to his name. Born and raised in a children’s home, where cruelty and neglect was rife, he grew up believing the bullies' taunts - that he was a changeling swapped at birth.


Forever feeling like an outsider, imagination became his only refuge. Armed with tales of the outside, hand-me-down comic books and religious icons all around, Joseph invented his own brand of fairy-tales.


But what happens when that little boy grows up? It's a new millenium, but instead of space talk, Ireland is abuzz with news, names, numbers. And they're surfacing like a ghost ship.  How does an adult make sense of his once hushed-up existence? 


Join Joseph as he dives into memories and childhood fantasy, to reclaim his story and build himself up from scratch.

Finding Joseph is an uplifting experience for the senses. Combining sharp new writing with physical theatre and installation art, it is visually striking, haunting, funny and magical. Step into Joseph’s world, and take a different look at Ireland’s dark past.

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