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mad cats and divas

July 2017 - The Loft, Galway Fringe Festival


Marian is an out of work actress. Cunning like a fox. Destiny has taken her on a spiralling journey from rural Galway to Soho to a lonely kitchenette – a carcass of its former self. But Marian’s show goes on...

No company but the wailing street cats and the weasel-eyed Bernie, her neighbour with “good” intentions. Deep within the walls of Marian’s self-imposed jail lies heartbreak and secrets. Living on a loop, her life is an endless pattern of slumber, fantasy and bitter reminiscence.

Enter Roisin. The home help. She’s anxious and hungry for answers. The powerful pair bond over tea and lost stories. Fall into Marian’s mind as she searches for herself in what was. 


 **Winner of Best Production and Best Costume**

A play that deals with death, ageism and the atrocities of unmarried mothers being split up from their children against their will.​​

  • Written and Directed by Tzarini Meyler

  • Lighting by Colin Doran

  • Costumes by Rory Meyler

  • Production Shots by Cat Bonner

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