The wheel

'Eternity sounds like one hell of a ride. So, batten down the hatches. Grab the hands of your lover, put on your best shoes and dance in a figure of eight. Because we are all connected. No matter what happens, the wheel will keep on turning.’


8 festivals. 8 stories. 8 lives.


The Wheel is a collection of mini plays inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  Taking Ancient Irish deities as stimuli, the writer, Tzarini, creates 8 iconic characters for a new Ireland. Like us, their stories sway with the seasons, guided by nature and the ever-changing tide.


Dramatic, moving, funny and relatable, The Wheel explores our cultural heritage and its connection to the now.


 Join us on the first stop of this journey - the Summer Solstice, 21st June. 


A community arts collaboration between Athlone Family Resource Centre and LipZinc Theatre. Funded by Creative Ireland and Westmeath County Council.