The wheel

'Eternity sounds like one hell of a ride. So, batten down the hatches. Grab the hands of your lover, put on your best shoes and dance in a figure of eight. Because we are all connected. No matter what happens, the wheel will keep on turning.’


8 festivals. 8 stories. 8 lives.


The Wheel is a collection of mini plays inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  Taking Ancient Irish deities as stimuli, the writer, Tzarini, creates 8 iconic characters for a new Ireland. Like us, their stories sway with the seasons, guided by nature and the ever-changing tide.


Dramatic, moving, funny and relatable, The Wheel explores our cultural heritage and its connection to the now.


 Join us on the first stop of this journey - the Summer Solstice, 21st June. 


A community arts collaboration between Athlone Family Resource Centre and LipZinc Theatre. Funded by Creative Ireland and Westmeath County Council.

Lughnasadh - 1st August

'Sunlight on my tail, chasing me like a crazed wolf, pushing me ever forward. Man, it’s addictive.'


Meet Lou. He likes Motorhead, quality beer and racing through the Midlands at lightning speed. Atop his Harley Davidson, he's the king of Athlone. Owner of the best pub in town, and leader of the Mid-West Riders, everyone wants to be part of his pack. 


But Lou's got a sensitive side. Amidst all the grease, steel and tarmac, he secretly longs for a bit of 'me time'. 


Inspired by the celtic festival, Lughnasadh, and the sun God Lugh, this mini play is the second instalment to The Wheel. Written & Directed by Tzarini Meyler. Performed by local Athlone actor, Martin Kelleher. 

Summer Solstice - 21st June

the wheel 1.jpeg

‘But somewhere deep in the heart of me, I knew there was another world out there, waiting. If I could only escape the endless winter of Dublin city.'

Meet Aine. Lover of sunshine, neapolitan ice cream and country fellas. But don’t let her fondness for pretty things fool you, she’s not  just your average florist. 

Written & Directed by Tzarini Meyler. Performed by Janet Little.