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they call me bridget

A young woman accused of witchcraft must confront her husband’s betrayal, to reclaim her story and find peace.

Inspired by the heartbreaking true story of Bridget Cleary, this is an art-house film that pays homage to Ireland's forgotten women, by exposing abuse, challenging the past, and giving a voice to the silenced.

WINNER - Best Overall Film - Bloomsday Film Festival.png
WINNER - Best Literature Short - Bloomsday Film Festival.png

Awards & Nominations

  • Bloomsday Film Festival, Dublin (World Premiere): Winner of Best Overall Film & Best Literature Short

  • Milan Short Film Festival, MilanFinalist Best Edit & Best Supporting Actor (Conall Cahill)

  • South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Chile: Winner of Best Art Direction (Tzarini Meyler), Best Costume Design (Ruairi McMaoilir), Best VFX (Juan Pais) , Best First Short Film by the Director (Tzarini Meyler), and Honourable Mention in Cinematography (Juan Pais)

  • Louth International Film Festival, Dundalk: Official Selection

  • Immagina Florence International Film Festival, Florence: Official Selection

Cast & Crew

BRIDGET - Tzarini Meyler

MICHAEL - Conall Cahill


Written and directed by Tzarini Meyler

Produced by Ana Canals

Director of Photography - Juan Pais

Camera & Drone Operator - Borja Raton

Production Manager - Letizia Delmastro

Costume & Prop designer - Ruairi Macmaoilir

Production Assistants - Teague Meyler & Michael Buckley

Makeup artist - Grainne Coughlan

Sound Recordist - Connor Dee

VFX artist - Juan Pais

Editor - Juan Pais

Script Supervisor - Letizia Delmastro

Set Decorator - Letizia Delmastro

Final score composer - David Hamilton

Vocal Coach - Kate Firth

Storyboard artist - Ruairi Macmaoilir

Props - Michael Buckley

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