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  • Written and directed by Tzarini Meyler 

  • Movement director: Cristian Izzo

  • Producer: Ana Canals

  • Costume Designer: Rory Meyler

With the support of:


agnes on the moon

Rehearsed reading: 10 Nov - Maureen O'Hara Studio, Dlr Mill Theatre

A young woman with a vision. Privilege, or shackles? Agnes dreams of grasping the stars. In a town ravaged by the Great Famine, science is her only solace. Her exploration knows no bounds, but lately she’s been feeling trapped. This Irish girl is about to change the course of astronomy forever. She just doesn’t know it yet.


Torn between what society demands, and what’s really inside her heart, she looks to the sky for answers, but her imagination brings comedy and chaos in the form of some new friends: A mischievous moon who would put Pulcinella to shame. A dandy with a heart warmer than a thousand suns. A confidante with caustic humour. And a diva from the North, who enhances and entrances all who dare to gaze upon her beauty.


Is Agnes losing her mind? Or is she really speaking to the heavenly bodies? Be moved. Laugh ‘til your chairs grow legs. And be inspired by this Irish heroine.


Agnes on the Moon is a riotous homage to women in science. This empowering play incorporates new writing drama with visual art and circus. Inspired by Skibbereen astronomer Agnes Mary Clerke, who, as a woman in Victorian Ireland, was often ignored by her community, only gaining true recognition in recent years. This play celebrates her life, in an exciting and contemporary context, exploring hope, class, desire, gender roles, and the power of self-belief.


Agnes on the Moon was written by Tzarini Meyler, whose work has been described as ‘captivating’ and realistically written’ (London Theatre Reviews). Tzarini spent her childhood in Skibbereen, where she first became fascinated with Agnes Mary Clerke. In 2022, she was awarded the Emerging Artist Bursary from DLR to write the play, and the Agility Award by Arts Council Ireland to develop it.

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