dublin in a rainstorm

2nd - 6th of October 2021 - Smock Alley, Main space

'Dublin. Autumn 1923. The rain batters the tenement block, and the wind howls like a banshee…


2 women at war with the world. A son in search of himself. A priest lost out in no man’s land. A London aristocrat. An American sweetheart. What brings them together in this dirty old town?


Enter a beautiful stranger, in the most unusual way, ready to turn this house upside down.


Join us at number sixteen, where life’s secrets are unfurled. 

  • Written and directed by Tzarini Meyler 

  • Assistant director: Lucy Richards Smyrk

  • Producer: Ana Canals

  • Lighting Designer: Colin Doran

  • Costume Designer: Rory Meyler